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Early Educator Design Team

Meet the Child Care Providers driving our solutions forward
The Team

Child Care Providers working together to solve the workforce crisis

The Early Educator Design Team formed in 2022, with ~30 child care providers coming together to agree on solutions to the workforce crisis. The team comes from all corners of the state, and represents all types of child care in Washington.

Their Work

Unifying Washington around solutions for everyone

The child care workforce is in crisis – experienced professionals are leaving a field that pays less than 97% of all other industries. Fixing the child care crisis requires trust, communication and teamwork from providers across the state.

The Result

A unified plan to fight for children and families

The Process

Turning Recommendations into Reality

  • 2022: A full year meeting, listening and learning about the unique struggles facing providers across Washington
  • 2023: Platform for Child Care: Provider-created policy solutions to support educators across the state
  • 2023: Recommendations: Working with CCA of WA and the Washington Department of Children, Youth, and Families to create recommendations for our legislature on fully funding high-quality child care
Read the Recommendations
What's Next?

Advocating for Increased Compensation

Add your voice to the Child Care for WA campaign and join a growing group of parents, providers and more who are fighting to fix the child care crisis!

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