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Child Care for WA

It’s time to fix the child care crisis
Our Campaign

Fighting for Washington’s Children and Families

Children rely on us to grow and thrive, but child care isn’t working for families. We’re coming together to fix the child care crisis now, because our children can’t wait! 

Fixing the Crisis

Parents and child care providers are in a bind – Parents can’t afford to pay more for care, while providers can’t raise wages and grow their businesses. We have a clear path forward to support parents and providers so that child care can work for everyone.

For Families

Universal Access and Affordable Care

Every family should be able to find high-quality child care where they live, and it shouldn’t break the bank! We want to make child care available to every family in Washington, and limit expenses to no more than 7% of your annual income.

For Providers

Living Wages and Benefits

Child care providers deserve to be compensated for the hard work they do! And we can’t fix the crisis for providers without making child care a competitive, long-lasting profession. Ensuring living wages and benefits will help providers have what they need to give high-quality care to our children. 

Join the Fight for Child Care

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